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Summer Intensives

Design Your Own Intensive


No one knows your strengths and weaknesses better than use this opportunity to choose intensives based on YOUR dance needs and wants. Strengthen your knowledge, improve your ballet technique, work on your flexibility, or all of these! We have all heard "practice makes perfect" and I think we can all agree the improvement we have seen really reinforces that statement. So let's keep up the momentum and keep dancing!

All intensives require a $25.00 deposit of the total cost per intensive. Ages 10 & up! Click here to Register

Audition Prep and Challenge-May 31-June 2 6pm-8pm $75

Interested in auditioning or becoming a member of a competitive team? This 4-day course will give you the tools to fly to the top and prepare you for the audition process. Students will take technique classes, learn combinations, and have the opportunity to take place in a mock audition. Dancers will be divided in to groups based on age and ability. Students shall receive feedback to gain an understanding of their weaknesses and strengths.

Ballet-August 7-August 11 1pm-4pm $125

How many times have you heard “keep working on your ballet technique?” Ballet is the foundation for all other dance genres. Ballet provides a strong foundation for all other forms of dance. Not only does it aid, and enhance performance ability in other dance forms, it also provides strength and control for gymnastics, skating, and all other sports. If you want a boost to your competition scores come spend a week improving your technique!

Strength and Flexibility -August 14-18 1pm-4pm $125

Is your goal to have all three splits, a gorgeous tilt, or to simply touch your toes? Are you flexible, but lack alignment and control? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the camp for you! Students will learn exercises to enhance flexibility, build strength, and gain endurance. Different techniques will be used to develop awareness of placement and students will learn how to work on these new skills at home.

Choreography 101 July 24-July 28 1pm-4pm $125 Are you always making up dances? Teaching your siblings? Putting together shows? Do you wonder if you have the skills necessary to create breath taking choreography? Come and learn the basics of choreography and what it takes to put together memorable routines. Work with your peers to create and showcase your own works of art. Choreography pieces will be shared with family and friends on Friday at 4:00pm.